Qure AI's ability to deliver healthcare solutions are enhanced by AWS

Qure AI delivers their services to the clients at a blistering pace due to the highly available, secure and scalable solutions provided by AWS. Many Healthcare organisations across the globe operating at urban as well as remote localities have held hands with Qure AI to make healthcare more accessible and accurate 

Amazon Web Services Used

AWS CloudFormation

Use AWS CloudFormation via the browser console, command line tools or APIs to create a stack based on your template code

Amazon ECR

Publish containerized applications with a single command and easily integrate your self-managed environments

Amazon CloudFront

Caches and serves static and dynamic content

Amazon Relational Database Service

Set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud with just a few clicks

Amazon S3

Object storage built to store and retrieve any amounts of data from anywhere

Amazon SNS

Fully managed Pub/Sub messaging and event-driven computing services

Amazon Route 53 Authoritative DNS Service

Returns IP addresses for DNS records queried by the DNS resolver

Benefits with AWS

Cost effective



Highly Capable