Artificial Intelligence for Chest X-ray Interpretation

qXR detects multiple abnormal findings on a chest X-ray in less than 1 minute.

qXR can segregate abnormal scans from normal and interpret abnormalities in the lungs, pleura, mediastinum, bones, diaphragm, and heart. It can also aid clinicians with the placement and measurement of devices placed in the thorax.

Can be deployed on-cloud or on-premises

Output available in multiple languages

Supports scans from all major manufacturers

Clinically validated in multiple geographies



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Product Capability

qXR can detect and localize multiple findings in a chest X-ray including detection of multiple findings with the lungs, pleura, heart, bones and the diaphragm.

How it works

qXR uses deep learning technology to automate the chest X-ray interpretation process. When used as a screening tool, followed by immediate bacteriological/NAAT confirmation, qXR significantly reduces time to diagnosis.

Wide variations are observed in performing carotid duplex ultrasonography as well as interpretation of the findings. Introduction of automation, image guidance and AI are needed to improve the quality, reliability and reproducibility of this important diagnostic modality for evaluating and monitoring atherosclerotic disease.

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