About Qure.ai

Qure.ai is a breakthrough Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution provider that is disrupting the radiology 'status quo' by enhancing imaging accuracy and improving health outcomes with the assistance of machine-supported tools. Qure.ai taps deep learning technology to provide automated interpretation of radiology exams like X-rays, CTs and Ultrasounds scans for time and resource-strapped medical imaging professionals—enabling faster diagnosis and speed to treatment.
Qure.ai is helping to make healthcare more accessible and affordable to patients worldwide.

Our Investors

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The Qure team

Our core team combines deep learning and AI implementation expertise with clinical, scientific, and regulatory knowledge. Our advisory panel consists of radiologists, other doctors and public health experts. We work with these specialists to define clinically relevant problems and design real-world solutions for seamless integration in client environments.

Board of Directors

Prashant Warier

Chief Executive Officer

Amit Kakar

Senior Partner, Head of Novo Holdings Asia

Anandamoy Roychowdhary

Principal, Sequoia India

Charles- Antoine Janssen

Chief Investment Officer, HealthQuad

Ryan Collins

Managing Director, MassMutual Ventures

Satish Raman

Chief Strategy Officer - Fractal Analytics Private Limited

Srikanth Velamakanni

Co-founder, Group Chief Executive and Vice Chairman - Fractal Analytics Private Limited

Leadership Team

Ammar Jagirdar

Head of Products

Ankit Modi

Senior Product Manager

Anushree Saha

Lead - Legal, Secretarial & Compliance

Anumeha Srivastava

Head of Operations, UK

Bhargava Reddy

Chief of Staff, CEO Office

Bunty Kundnani

Head of Regulatory

Dara Kelleher

Director of Public Health Outreach

Chiranjiv Singh

Chief Commercial Officer

Kaitik Shah

Financial Controller

Kautuk Trivedi

Head of Design

Pradeep Kumar Thummala

Director of Engineering

Preetham Putha

Head of Data Science

Reena Rajan

Head of Marketing

Rohit Ghosh

Chief Strategy Officer

Sasank Chilamkurthy

Head of Technology

Surabhi Srivastava

Director of BD, UK

Work with us

We're hiring for business development, regulatory, clinical research, customer success and engineering roles. Write to us at careers@qure.ai

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