Designed to be perfect collaborators with you

Our AI products are designed to empower healthcare professionals during key moments in the medical journey. From preventive screenings, early detection, emergency care, institutional disease response and treatment adherence; we're enabling seamless workflow optimisation across the care continuum.

An additional layer of trust for every care decision

Collaborating with world renowned healthcare experts, and training algorithms on unprecedented volumes of data, our AI is developed to uphold the strictest global regulatory standards. Backed by deep data science research our solutions anticipate care needs to aide you in constrained circumstances.

Engineered for dependability & accessibility

Our AI solutions are ready for deployment, whenever and wherever needed. Designed to integrate with existing technological infrastructure, they are configurable with your devices of choice. We offer convenient deployment and scaling procedures while assuring industry certified data security. Our team is there to support you every step of your AI journey.

With our scale and diversity of data, a model that can operate without erroring and crashing through a single night is an engineering feat on its own

Lives Touched

4 million

every year

Algorithms trained on

8 million+


Reduction in workload by


by auto-reporting normal X-rays

Present in



Used by


Care centers

Reduction by


In Preliminary head CT scan diagnosis

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