Qure team will be present at booth no: A-17 in UKIO2022.

We will be demonstrating our Neurocritical Suite and Lung Health Suite at UKIO Congress.  We would love to chat about how to transform a radiologist’s experience through AI solutions and establish real, actionable practices that can elevate your radiology department without changing your existing workflows. Drop by at the booth to know more information and view the demos

Our Clients

AI in Healthcare's notable partners and clients shared their expertise & insights on evaluating & implementing Artificial Intelligence solutions in NHS Trust healthcare institutions. The eminent panelists included Dr. Hugh Harvey, Dr. Amrita Kumar, Emma Hughes, Dr. Garry Pettet, and Matthew Watt.

Prashant Warier, Founder & CEO, speaks with Dr. Stuart Quin, CEO, Medica Group Plc, about: Why Teleradiology has been at the forefront of adopting Artificial Intelligence The difference AI has made to Radiologists What the future holds for AI in Radiology. Medica’s partnership with

Dr. Hugh Harvey, MD, Hardian Health talks about how hospitals can better evaluate commercial AI solutions in radiology; the benefits & risks to the health economics with AI. He also elaborates on his work with and how the collaboration is helping enhance Qure’s solutions to improve quality of life and financial impacts on NHS Trust hospitals. 

Our Products

AI for Head CT Interpretation
  • First AI tool that detects 12 abnormalities
  • Identifies fractures, hemorrhages to assist in the treatment of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI).
  • Identifies/rules out bleeds with high accuracy
  • Identifies infarcts to initiate the  ischemic stroke pathway
  • Read more about qER-NCCT, qER-CTA, qER-CTP
AI for Chest X-ray Interpretation
  • Find multiple abnormalities in < 1min
  • Interpret abnormalities in lungs, pleura, mediastinum, bones, diaphragm, and heart.
  • Integrate with multiple PACS systems
  • Pre-read assistance
  • Read more about qXR
AI for Lung Nodule Detection
  • AI for Chest CT interpretation and Lung Nodule Management
  • Distinguish lung lesions from complex anatomical structures
  • Precise volumetry & growth assessment to monitor disease progression & response to treatment
  • Read more about qCT-Lung

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