When we realised that the AI generated chest X ray results were showing presence of COVID, this particularly helped us see something like basal consolidation, prominent bronchial markings, markings or ground glass appearance on chest X-Ray. These were findings, which though the patient was asymptomatic, were extremely useful in trying to segregate this patient into a triage area. Now these patients who are suspects were immediately put on treatment for the simple reason that their chest X-Ray showed findings of COVID-19. And you will be amazed to know that the RT PCR results in these patients are almost going to be 80 to 85% positive. Even if the RT-PCR was negative, we were trying to give them..all possible treatment protocols which have been advised by the ICMR. Using AI for analysing chest X-Rays gave us an enormous opportunity to segregate patients who are totally asymptomatic, as the chest X-Ray findings gave us a clue.