So long most of us in Qure share about our Client Success Stories. But not only client, even we in Qure are equally successful in our professional and personal life! “I joined as an Intern for Regulatory and now hold a position of a Senior Client Partner handling 10+ client accounts! My 4.5+ years’ journey with Qure has helped me grow my skill set, transform and progress in my professional life every year. I started working from home well before the pandemic and its been 3+ years now and there is no change in my dedication to work. This is all because of the flexibility in the work-culture and the sense of company loyalty and trust in most of the members in the team. Each day is filled with new learning opportunities and I’ve always sensed a feel of achievement most of the times.I’m extremely impressed with professionalism, expertise, and quality of work Qure does in delivering advancements using Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Radiology.