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Tuberculosis (TB) presents a global threat in the world and according to the recent STOP TB report, TB deaths have increased for the first time in over a decade, an upward trend that is expected to worsen in 2021. For most patients, X-rays are the first diagnostic imaging step on their path to a definitive diagnosis of TB, which can save hundreds of lives if detected early. Therefore FujiFilm and have partnered to offer quality diagnostics to communities around the world.

qXR is a CE-certified automated chest X-ray interpretation tool that screens for tuberculosis and other abnormalities

“This collaboration has enabled healthcare professionals to gain access to the best portable medical devices, which are equipped with superior AI technology to improve patient outcomes, reduce workloads and slash healthcare costs.” — Masaharu Morita, Global Head New Business, FUJIFILM

FujiFilm’s portable X-ray (Xair) and Qure’s advanced AI technology (qXR) combine to diagnose TB from chest X-rays as soon as the scans are taken. Qure’s AI quickly triages normal cases and healthcare professionals can then focus on reading the abnormal X-rays that are indicative of TB.

“We have found Fuji’s vision to create and develop accessible and affordable solutions to align with our values. As such we have collaborated to provide our best-in-class software on a device to give immediate results for radiological signs of TB. This partnership will truly make healthcare more accessible and affordable.” — Prashant Warier, CEO and Co-founder,

Exclusive offer for GDF customers

Get Qure’s AI (qXR) at no additional cost along with the Fujifilm (Xair) handheld ultra-portable X-ray when you buy through the GDF catalog. Save lives and limit TB spread using best-in-class AI without compromising on quality due to budget restrictions. *
qXR used in Nagpur

qxR being used in a primary care facility in Nagpur, India

According to the independent evaluations published by the Stop TB Partnership and the McGill International TB center qXR “significantly outperformed” the panel of human radiologists and qXR also met the aspirational 90% sensitivity and 70% specificity target product profile set by the WHO for a TB triage test.

Highlights of the Xair — qXR system

  • Portable, durable, easy to use, and can be carried for field trips without consuming a lot of space.

  • Images can be viewed as they are being taken since results are processed and interpreted in under a minute.

  • The easy-to-use and dynamic visualization capabilities help technicians find even the smallest lung infections as soon as possible.

  • It can operate without electricity and without Internet connectivity

How it works

How it works

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Offer Valid till 30 June 2022 only

Offer extended only to GDF catalogue-based procurement of FujiFilm Xair for TB programs