We use Qure.ai’s tech to provide solid reporting, making sure that the patients get the right care at the right time in the right way – Samantha

Samantha Davey, Head of Programme Delivery and David Evans, Functional Architect of Medica Group Plc spoke on adopting Qure.ai’s technology to support clinical professionals to ensure the best possible patient care. Over the last 16 years, Medica has evolved to become an innovative, dynamic and progressive company supporting over 100+ NHS hospitals through teleradiology. Medica has been leading the way in connecting and supporting clinical professionals to ensure the best possible patient outcomes. In this interview, Samantha and David explain to Reshma about their thought process in bringing artificial intelligence into their workflows, pointers to help choose the right teleradiology provider for your NHS hospital, and how using Qure.ai’s technology along with ‘NightHawk’ – Medica’s emergency reporting diagnostic tool helped support the acute care environment. “Medica is a clinically-led teleradiology firm underpinned by technology.” – David Evans about UK’s largest teleradiology firm’s approach to supporting clinicians to ensure the best possible patient care. Introduction to speakers: 0:06 – 2:42 About Medica & its offerings: 2:45 – 7:53 Why integrate AI into workflows: 7:55 – 11:39 What should customers keep in mind when choosing teleradiology: 12:26 – 18:15 Medica’s NightHawk emergency reporting diagnostic tool & Qure.ai’s integration: 18:18 – 28:32

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