The mystery of the missing TB cases: Jerome Triñona of Access TB, on healthcare challenges and initiatives in the Philippines


Tuberculosis (TB)

is a particularly pertinent problem in the Philippines. More than 70 Filipinos die due to TB every day, a curable and preventable disease.

An estimated 65,000 TB cases remain undetected and untreated. These are called the ‘missing TB cases’. Advancing Client-centered Care and Expanding Sustainable Services for TB (ACCESS TB) is a three-year project under the Philippines Global Fund TB grant, managed by the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP). The project has begun pushing 4 strategies as part of the efforts to find the ‘missing people’ with TB.

Jerome Triñona has been working with the Access TB for the past few years. He speaks to’s Operations head, Reshma Suresh. He walks us through the project’s various initiatives to find the ‘missing TB cases’, the challenges they faced, and how they used technology to bring healthcare to the Philippines’ vulnerable population.

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