Dr Abdullah Al Maniri speaks on his experience working with Qure.ai in partnership with the Ministry of Health, Oman


Dr Abdullah Al Maniri, Co-Founder, CEO at The Data Academy and Former VP Support Services at Oman Medical Specialty Board spoke about how qSCOUT by Qure.ai helped in monitoring patients and quarantine people in their homes. Dr. Abdullah also highlighted how qSCOUT was effective in monitoring the spread of the pandemic and set priorities by using Artificial Intelligence technology to minimize the intervention of medical personnel in early quarantine stages. It supported the overall medical system by minimizing and scheduling visits to medical institutions, focusing only on cases that need a medical examination. In this interview, Doctor Abdullah Al Maniri from Oman shared his thoughts and insights on Qure’s initiatives with Mohammed Hassan, Director Business Development, Qure.ai in Middle Eastern Africa. “I was really impressed by professional competency that the entire Qure.ai team who was dedicated to this project really was at highest level, the quality of the work, the quality of the team, the ability to execute and deliver on time. I remember it was not easy to integrate with with the Ministry of Health application, but the team and Qure went all the way through to make sure that the integration happens perfectly..” – Dr. Abdullah said. Timelines Introduction to speakers: 0:01- 0:42 About Dr Abdullah Al Maniri: 0:42 – 1:45 qScout and implementation with Ministry of Health, Oman: 1:46 – 6:50 Potential impact of AI in Healthcare in general in Middle East and in Oman: 8:06 – 16:34 Feedback and advice by Dr Abdullah: 16:34 – 18:40

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