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IHF Summary

Enabling Chest X-ray based TB triage through smartphones in remote hospitals in India 

Qure was awarded the India Health Fund grant in December 2019. ​​

Qure proposed to develop a point-of-care system to digitize Analog Chest X-ray films and scale-up of the digital Chest X-ray solution – qXR for Tuberculosis (TB) screening. 

Key Outcomes:

  • Development of qXR software for processing CXR film images through training of the algorithm​​
  • Development of qTrack smartphone application​
  • Scaling up of Analog AI deployments across the country

About IHF Partnership

The IHF – Qure partnership has led to 72 sites from 14 states leveraging the power of AI in diagnosing TB and screening more than 53000 individuals. The collaboration is taking AI-enabled solutions to the last mile and impacting the lives of people most in need of healthcare facilities. 

Photo Case Study

Mon District has the third highest TB burden district in the northeastern state of Nagaland in India. Mon District Hospital faces challenges associated with remote and resource-constrained geographies such as understaffing and a lack of specialized doctors. TB diagnosis workflow involved getting suspected TB patients to undergo a smear sputum

test or CBNAAT test. Patients who were tested positive were introduced to the care pathway. Due to the lack of radiologist at the Mon DH, they faced the challenge of obtaining X-Rays to diagnose patients who display clinical symptoms yet turn out negative in the microbiological tests.

qXR was introduced to MON DH in January 2022 and since then, X-Ray along with the AI interpretation capabilities of qXR has been prominently used as a diagnostic tool in detecting TB cases. Out of 374 CXRs, 222 patients were flagged as TB presumptive by qXR. Among these, 128 cases were ruled as TB positive. 51 out of the 128 were microbiologically confirmed whereas 77 patients were clinically diagnosed with the assistance of qXR.

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How Qure.ai & India Health Fund are revolutionizing TB Care in Nagaland

District Mon, one of the most remote parts of Nagaland, India. Mon suffers from the third highest Tuberculosis (TB) burden in Nagaland. Qure’s AI solution qXR is now making it possible in the region to detect TB faster and reduce the time to treatment. Read about the radical change in the region’s TB Program in partnership with India Health Fund (IHF), in this case study!

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