Over the past 5 years, Qure.ai has worked with frontline healthcare professionals to eradicate Tuberculosis (TB). Now, we aim to go further. There is significant potential to leverage the TB ecosystem and use the approved AI tools to screen for signs of other pulmonary diseases like lung cancer and COVID-19. By investing in innovation and cross-sectoral collaboration, it’s time to take a multi-pronged approach to achieve Universal Lung Health as well as accessible and affordable healthcare for all.


Padmashree Dr. Digambara Behera: Professor & Director, Dept. of Pulmonology, Fortis Healthcare
Himanshu Sikka: Chief Strategy & Diversification Officer, IPE Global
Madhav Joshi: Chief Executive Officer, India Health Fund
Dr. Mangala Gomare: Executive Health Officer, BMC
Dr. Naresh Hasija : Vice President, Viatris