As a new year commences, old struggles to combat Tuberculosis continue. Tuberculosis (TB) infected approximately 10 million people in 2020, resulting in 1.5 million deaths, the first time in over a decade that deaths due to the disease increased. This explains the WHO’s TB theme for the year – ‘Invest to end TB. Save Lives.’

Having worked with frontline healthcare professionals for the past 5 years to eradicate TB has a significant stake in the fight against TB and all other pulmonary diseases.

This year, we’re advocating for “investing” in a multi-pronged approach to eradicate tuberculosis while also doing more for lung health.

Investing towards Universal Lung Healthcare

Investing more into Innovation

Investing in Cross-sectoral Collaboration

Universal Lung Healthcare
The process of screening for TB can also be an opportunity for doing more for Lung Health. Today, it’s been established and recommended by the WHO to use AI to screen for TB. There is an enormous potential to use the approved AI tools to screen for many other signs of pulmonary diseases like lung cancer nodules, COVID-19 while being used to manage the TB pandemic. In other words, leverage the TB ecosystem to screen for multiple morbidities while screening for TB. This World TB Day, these aspects and the benefits associated with universal lung health screening and early diagnosis of both TB and other diseases need to be examined and disseminated.


Dr. Lucica Ditiu: Executive Director of the StopTB Partnership
Dr. Morten Ruhwald: Head of Tuberculosis Programme FIND
Dr. Pei-Chieh Fong: Head of Oncology, International Medical at AstraZeneca
Dr. Rowland Illing: Chief Medical Officer & Director of International Public Sector Health at AWS
Dr. Yogan Pillay: Deputy Director-General for Health in South Africa