We’ve created qER-Suite, to cater to improving coordination, quality, and pathway for stroke workflow. We would love to chat about how to transform a neurologist’s experience through AI solutions and a care coordination app that can elevate patient outcomes and care

Artificial Intelligence for Neurocritical Care

qER automatically detects & quantifies neuro-critical abnormalities such as Stroke & Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs).

qER assists in triaging of critical head CT Scans for Acute Ischemic Stroke )(AIS) &  Head Trauma. Not only increases the #patients getting treatment in time but also helps in qualifying the right patients for Mechanical Thrombectomy (MT) with its automated ASPECTs, CT-Angiogram, & CT-Perfusion algorithms.

AI-enabled telehealth solution for comprehensive care coordination

qRemote enables faster dissemination of information and streamlines collaboration between various stroke-care teams (Ambulance, ER, Radiology, Neurology, Intervention). It is integrated with Qure’s AI models for faster assistance in triaging critical scans as well.

The Platform support stroke patient pathways in multiple ways by providing:

  1. Sharing of Key Clinical Information (NIHSS assessment, key clinical parameters, contra-indications for tPA etc)
  2. Customisable  notifications for stroke-care group (ER, Nurses, Neurologists, Radiologists etc)
  3. Mobile DICOM Viewer
  4. AI-interpretation of head CT Scans
  5. Sharing of imaging information internally & externally
  6. Text/Video communication
  7. Timeline with key events for better treatment management

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