European Congress of Radiology

European Congress of Radiology will be presenting at ECR 2021

Lung Health solutions

Qure’s CE- certified qXR can detect and localize 20 clinical findings in a Chest X-ray including detection of multiple findings with the lungs, pleura, heart, bones and the diaphragm. It has a sensitivity and specificity equivalent to that of an expert radiologist.

Qure’s chest X-ray interpretation tool can assist radiologists by clustering their worklists into distinct buckets of Normal, Abnormal and To Be Reviewed. It can also automate reporting with precise findings and quantification. It Is a great aid to manage long worklists, enhance reporting speed and prioritize cases that need immediate attention.

What are you interested in today?

  • Early Lung Cancer detection
  • Accelerated Normal Vs Abnormal X-ray screening
  • COVID progression monitoring tool
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Critical Care solutions

CE-certified and FDA (510k)* cleared qER technology identifies critical abnormalities like intracranial bleeds, cranial fractures, Mass effect, Midline shift, etc. and flags critical head CT scans for urgent review.

qER can drive efficiency for Radiologists

qER functions as a triage aid to prioritize and notify critical head CT scans. qER prioritization tool helps reduce onset-to-treatment times for critical scans and meet stroke and trauma reporting standards. qER has a reporting assistance mode that that pre-populates radiologist templates.

qER can drive efficiency for Emergency physicians

qER can identify and notify critical abnormalities driving reduced door to needle time metrics for first line of treatment in case of a stroke or trauma, reduced door to disposition time metrics for ERs. qER can also quantify bleed volumes and can be used to monitor improvement/worsening of a bleed.

What are you interested in today?

  • Improved reading performance in Teleradiology
  • Improve Emergency Room Workflow and Turnaround times.
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