Artificial Intelligence for COVID-19 detection & management in Mumbai by MCGM


Mumbai- the financial capital of the country

The first COVID-19 case was recorded on March 11, 2020, and by March 31st, the city recorded
64 cases & 9 deaths.

While Mumbai has 1% population of the country, it has 3% of the Drug sensitive total TB cases and about 14% of total MDR-TB cases registered in country.

What makes Mumbai a vulnerable city for both COVID-19 AND TB?

Most populous Indian city
Home to more than 10lac migrant workers
Presence of some of the largest slums in the world with severe space constraints

qXR – Differentiator

Largest Training Dataset: Underlying convolutional neural networks trained with 3.5 Million scans, generalize well to new data. Clinically validated in multiple geographies.

Detects 29 Abnormalities: Detects all major abnormalities from chest X-rays. Not only detects but also monitors progression.

Supports Analog X-Rays: Tested with X-rays from all major manufacturers (DR and CR), results go back directly into workflow

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