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We will be demonstrating our Lung Health Suite and Neurocritical Suite. We would love to chat on how to transform a radiologist’s experience through AI solutions and establish real, actionable practices that can elevate your radiology department without changing your existing workflows.

Artificial Intelligence for Chest X-ray Interpretation

qXR detects multiple abnormal findings on a chest X-ray in less than 1 minute.

qXR can segregate abnormal scans from normal and interpret abnormalities in the lungs, pleura, mediastinum, bones, diaphragm, and heart. It can also aid clinicians with the placement and measurement of devices placed in the thorax.

Artificial Intelligence for Neurocritical Care

qER detects abnormalities from Brain CTs.

qER reads quantify and label them to triage critical abnormalities like bleeds, cranial fractures, or stroke. It helps emergency care physicians, neurologists, radiologists, and other clinicians by prioritizing scans that need urgent attention.

Artificial Intelligence for Lung Nodule Detection and Analysis

qCT-Lung empowers screening programs and facilitates incidental screening for early detection of lung cancer using AI.

Lung Disease Management Platform

qTrack enables effective disease response by providing ready access to all patient information.
The qTrack app builds interactivity and connectivity between administrative managers, healthcare professionals, lab technicians, and patients to help make data collection, transmission, and recall a seamless process.
This saves precious time which is otherwise lost locating and harmonizing data manually.

Artificial Intelligence for Patient Monitoring and Population Surveillance​

qScout is for remote patient monitoring and active vaccine safety settings.

Real-time monitoring of health easing the burden on health workers.

AI-enabled telehealth solution for comprehensive care coordination

qRemote enables early intervention by streamlining patient-care workflows utilizing Qure’s AI-powered imaging solutions like qER and others.

The platform connects all stakeholders including healthcare professionals, hospital administration, and lab technicians with patients and provides an ability to collect and share clinical information to optimize patient workflow and to improve clinical and operational outcomes.

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