qXR Reporting

qXR Powered Telereporting Service

Final reports by certified radiologists
supported by AI for chest X-rays

Regulated Teleradiology Services

High confidence reports from
radiologists powered by AI

Zero CXR backlog with
the power of AI + telereporting

Reduced workload by outsourcing
normal cases to certified radiologists

Certified radiologists

Our consultants are GMC-certified specialists
with extensive reporting and experience

Support & intraoperability

brought by our experience in world-class AI
product integration and deployments

support & monitoring

Reliable reporting

Data security
and privacy

and intraoperability

Powered by qXR

AI for fast reporting on chest X-rays

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Teleradiology Partners

Streamline and manage overflows

Hospitals & large practices

Focus your team’s attention

Small Clinical Practices

Every access to qualified reporting