Prashant Warier

Co-founder & CEO

As CEO and co-founder of, Prashant’s vision is to make healthcare accessible and affordable using the power of deep learning. Prior to Qure, he founded AI-powered personalized digital marketing firm Imagna Analytics, which was acquired by Fractal Analytics Inc. in 2015. He also plays the role of chief data scientist at Fractal.
Prashant has over 15 years of experience in architecting and building advanced analytics solutions in the fields of personalized marketing, targeted digital advertising, merchandise planning and network optimization. He has previously worked with SAP and was instrumental in building their Data Science practice. He has a PhD and MS in Operations Research from Georgia Institute of Technology and a BTech from IIT Delhi

Pooja Rao

Co-founder, head of R&D

Pooja is doctor as well as AI scientist and  believes that it’s time to change the status quo in healthcare. She works closely with partner medical institutions and AI scientists to strike a balance between medicine and tech at Qure. She has previously worked as bioinformatician at Genomescan, Leiden; and data scientist at GoDataDriven, Amsterdam. A physician by training, Pooja’s PhD research at the International Max Planck Research School for Neuroscience focused on neuroscience and machine learning.

Preetham Srinivas

AI scientist, founding member

Preetham is a computer science graduate from IIT Bombay. He cares deeply about problems with healthcare and agriculture in India and believes deep learning and technology can have a huge impact on both these fields. When he’s not practicing the art of deep learning, he spends his time reading or playing/watching sports of all kinds.

Sasank Chilamkurthy

AI scientist, founding member

Sasank received his bachelors in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay. He loves working on computer vision and in his spare time, natural language processing. He believes that computer vision can do more than identify cats on the internet; it has the potential to bring a paradigm shift in medicine. Apart from machine learning, he also likes studying and learning new languages.

Ankit Modi

AI scientist, founding member

Ankit holds a B.Tech-M.Tech dual degree in Computer Science & Engineering from IIT Kanpur. He looks to solve problems at the junction of health and computer science. Prior to Qure, he has been founding member and Head of Technology at CrankOut – a health & fitness app. Programming is a creative pursuit for Ankit and nothing gives him more joy than seeing people benefit from things he helped build.

Karthik Rao

AI scientist, founding member

Karthik did his Btech-Mtech Dual Degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras. Prior to he worked at Indix applying Machine Learning and Deep Learning to ecommerce. He believes that he is just a neural network designing neural networks at

Rohit Ghosh

AI scientist, founding member

Rohit is a 2014 IIT Bombay graduate, an ex-investment banker who once sold his ‘ferrari’ to fund his startup. Before finding his way to Qure, he had worked as Data Scientist for ListUp, a P2P buy-sell platform and as freelance data scientist for Data Science Labs, a NYC based MOOC startup . Rohit also keenly follows developments in reinforcement learning. His interests are varied – ranging from politics to playing new sports, and most importantly, solving real-life challenging problems using AI.

Shubham Jain

AI scientist, founding member

Shubham graduated from IIT Bombay in 2016 and is interested in using computer science to create societal impact. Exploring radical directions in AI and coming up with solutions tangential to existing ones is a central part of his work at Qure. In his free time he likes to write poems, travel around and experience life.

Tarun Raj

AI scientist, founding member

Tarun is a B.Tech (Computer Science) graduate from IIT Bombay and has previously worked on optimizing Communication Processors at Samsung. Tarun is at Qure because he wants to use his skills to develop solutions that can impact society. In his spare time, he watches NBA and football, and plays badminton.

Gangaprasad Koturwar

AI Scientist

Ganga is a computer science graduate from IIT Kanpur. He sees huge potential for technology in the largely unorganized health sector of India. Previously, he has worked with graph databases for better management of pharmaceutical market at Axtria and developed predictive models for insurance sector data at Stonetrust. He wants Artificial Intelligence to further push healthcare towards betterment and that’s how he ended up at Qure. His hobbies include Cricket, books, and movies.

Manoj TLD

AI scientist

Manoj graduated in Computer science in 2015 and is interested in all things tech. He aims to vastly expand the role computers play in people's lives using AI. He spends his free time playing poker and video games.

Jitesh Bhatt

Head of Strategy

Jitesh is a Physician as well as a Digital Health professional and believes that technology can enable the much needed access to care for the masses. He heads Strategy for and manages go-to-market for our solutions. He previously worked with large payors, providers, pharma and pharmacy benefits management organizations in US and Europe. Immediately prior to joining, he was heading the mobile health business for Vodafone group.

Swetha Tanmala

AI Scientist

Swetha holds dual degree (B.Tech and M.Tech,2017) in Computer Science from IIT Madras. She has a keen interest in artificial intelligence and enjoys developing and implementing technical solutions at qure. Her earlier work involved text to speech synthesis using NLP. In her free time, she loves to cook and explore new places.