Meet at RSNA 2018

We've come a long way since last November! CE certification, peer-reviewed validation studies, more deployments, product updates and new R&D. Stop by our booth for a demo.
There will be 4 scientific presentations about technology this year. The sessions are listed below, and full abstracts are available through the RSNA meeting program

Machine Learning Showcase, North Hall

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Qure R&D

Approaching Chest-CT-Level Performance on Chest X-Rays with Deep Learning

Tarun Raj, BEng | Pooja Rao, MBBS,PhD | Prashant Warier, PhD | Manoj D. Tadepalli, BEng | Bhargava Reddy, | Preetham Putha, BEng | Justy Antony, MBBS,MD
Date and Time: Monday, Nov 26 11:40 AM – 11:50 AM
Session : Science Session with Keynote: Informatics (Artificial Intelligence in Radiology: Bleeding Edge)
Room: E450A

Qure R&D

Rule based NLP algorithm for Automated Parsing of Clinical Radiology Reports

Sasank Chilamkurthy, BEng | Swetha Tanamala, BEng,MENG | Rohit Ghosh, BEng,MENG | Pooja Rao, MBBS,PhD | Mustafa Biviji, MBBS,DMRD
Date and Time: Tuesday Nov 27 10:50-11:00 AM
Session: SSGO6 Informatics (Artificial Intelligence in Radiology: No Pixels or Fake Pixels
Room: N230B

Independent validation

Evaluating a Deep Learning Algorithm for Radiology QA in Out-Patient Chest X-Ray Reporting

Amit K. Sahu, MBBS, MD | Bharat Aggarwal, MBBS, MD | Anandamoyee Dhar | Gaurav Kapoor, MBBS,MD | Pooja Rao, MBBS,PhD
Date and Time: Wednesday Nov 28 11:10-11:20 AM
Session: Science Session with Keynote: Chest (Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning)
Room: N227B

Independent validation

"Change" or "No-Change": Can an ML Algorithm detect Stability or Change in Chest Radiographs?

Ramandeep Singh, MBBS | Fatemeh Homayounieh, MD | Subba R. Digumarthy, MD | Chayanin Nitiwarangkul, MD | Atul Padole, MD | Mannudeep K. Kalra, MD | John A. Patti, MD | Amita Sharma, MBBS | Manoj D. Tadepalli, BEng | Jo-Anne O. Shepard, MD
Date and Time : Wednesday Nov 28 11:40-11:50 AM
Session : Science Session with Keynote: Chest (Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning)
Room : N227B