About Qure.ai

Qure.ai was founded in 2016. Our mission is to use artificial intelligence to make healthcare more accessible and affordable. Our core team combines deep learning expertise with clinical, scientific and regulatory knowledge. Our advisory panel consists of radiologists, other doctors and public health experts. We work with these specialists to define clinically relevant problems and design real-world solutions.

Meet the team

Prashant Warier
CEO, Co-Founder
Pooja Rao
R&D Head, Co-Founder
Preetham Sreenivas
AI Scientist, Founding member
Sasank Chilamkurthy
AI Scientist, Founding Member
Ankit Modi
AI Engineer, Founding Member
Rohit Ghosh
AI Scientist, Founding Member
Tarun Raj
AI Scientist, Founding Member
Gangaprasad Koturwar
AI Engineer
Manoj TLD
AI Scientist
Swetha Tanamala
AI Scientist
Reshma Suresh
Head of Operations, Regulatory Affairs
Adlon Pereira
Head of Engineering
Kunal Bose
Strategy Lead - Global Population Health Technologies
Bhargava Reddy
AI Scientist
Pradeep Kumar
AI Engineer
Aparna Kanavaje
QA Engineer
Mayug Maniparambil
AI Scientist
Krishna Reddy
AI Scientist
Arunkant Sharma
AI Engineer
John Hawkins
Chief Trailblazer and Pathfinder
Divya Iyer
Associate, Operations and QC
Abhaya Pandey
Senior Manager, Marketing/Events
Avinash Ranjan
Engineer, Deployment & Integration
Ranadeep Boddu
UI Engineer
Ammar Jagirdar
Product Manager
Shalini Bimla
Operations Manager, Products
Anand Patel
Clinical Advisor
Chiranjiv Singh
Chief Commercial Officer
Vamsidhar Yeddu
AI Engineer

Join Us

We are looking for talented individuals to join the Qure team. If you want to be part of this forward-thinking company at the forefront of deep learning, write to us at careers@qure.ai